It is with great pride that I introduce you to my invention, “The Fire Buddy”. The FireBuddy is a fire poker intended for campfire and woodstove/fireplace use. It is no ordinary fire poker; it is a one of a kind poker and is the perfect solution for discouraged campers and fire stokers everywhere!

As an avid camper myself, it has been my observation over the years that people continually struggle with stoking their fires. I’ve personally witnessed people stoke their fires with items such as hockey sticks and branches for lack of something better.


“The Fire Buddy” has come to the rescue, it will immediately become your campfire sidekick, as well as serve your woodstove and fireplace needs as a “Necessity not an Accessory” ... no more fancy attachments that break off, or needlessly reaching into the woodstove risking injury because of pokers that are too short!

Having access to a proper tool, like my invention, makes stoking fires much easier and more enjoyable. You will find that this product is very durable and specifically designed with comfort and safety of the individual in mind.

The entire fire poker is crafted of 3/8 round stock cold roll steal. The design of the handle and bend in the rod makes for comfortable positioning and the tips have a tapered finish to prevent injuries, not to mention a handle that remains cool and can easily be hung.

The Fire Buddy is available in bright fluorescent colors making it easier to locate, day or night, while also attracting the eyes of the consumer. For woodstove users, it is available in black. The pokers are also powder coated for a long lasting finish. The consumers will immediately notice how well manufactured this product is, taking away their skepticism in making their purchase.

With all this in mind, I am confident you will see for yourself that the durability of this product will make _re poker returns a thing of the past. Because I believe this product will be a staple for years to come, I am equally confident that this will become a well sought after item for customers.